Lots for Sale in Vermil

Braga, Guimarães

Lots for Sale in Vermil
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Lots for Sale in Vermil, Braga, Guimarães 65.000 € REF: 2929
166,45 m²
208,06 m²
53,4 m²
920,45 m²
Dreamed of this property, this dream is identical to Solo.

Soil is an important natural resource for the growth of plants and tree plantations, it is a key component for the construction of your new home.
Lots 3 and 4 we are talking about, of 920.45m2 and 914.45m2 in Vermil, Guimarães, where a 2-storey house will be built, where the soil typology reflects a set of specific characteristics, such as physical, chemical and morphological characteristics, which will have a decisive influence on the type of construction to be carried out.

The soil is exposed to erosive processes such as the action of wind, rain and heat, the construction of a house too, has to be thought of and take into account all these climatic situations.

All properties obviously have imperfections and this one is no exception:
There´s nothing you can see, but it´s just a matter of time, just buy one of the lots and in no time you have the house you´ve always dreamed of.

This property is wonderful for:
 - Customers looking for quiet and airy places;
 - They are looking for a panoramic view and excellent sun exposure;
 - Investors or builders who invest in construction.

We humans have dreams, why not make them come true, what are you waiting for!
It´s not a better time, of course it is, contact us.

Note: the advertised value is for the lot only.

A Real Estate Consultant at your service.

We are Credit Intermediaries registered with the Bank of Portugal under number 2436, we streamline the entire financing process for you, without any cost and without having to go to the banks, in an impartial manner and always collecting the best market proposals.

Why visit Prestiti Imobiliária?

Prestiti Imobiliária is concerned with customer happiness every day of the year.

Prestiti Imobiliária has been headquartered in Guimarães for over 14 years, the customer with us has a service based on ethics, integrity, competence, efficiency and we guarantee that on our part there is safety and responsibility in everything we undertake.

We monitor all stakeholders from the date the deal is signed until its complete conclusion, and from that moment on we do not close the door, we intend that our friendship will last forever.

Passion to Sell Real Estate!

We have several architectural, turnkey and 3D solutions.
Property Type Piece of Real Estate
Type 0 Rooms
Objective Sell
State New
Price 65.000 €
Year of Construction N/A
Country Portugal
District Braga
Municipality Guimarães
Parish Airão Santa Maria, Airão São João e Vermil
Zone N/A
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General Features
Divisions Area Floor Walls Ceilings Comments
Domotic System (Home automation)
Renewable Energies
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